Go paperless and store everything from your SOPs, method and safety statements, toolbox talk videos, employee handbooks, company policies and more on Folder.ie. Once uploaded, you can distribute digitally to any contact or group to review and sign. Managing your paperwork has never been easier with Folder.ie.

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Register with Folder.ie and get your own cloud folder.

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Upload any document you need to get signed.

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Send a copy and see the signed documents come back.

Load It

You can create different folders on Folder.ie then drag and drop any documents you need reviewed and signed. For example, you can create folders by job role, site, subsidiary or language. You can then upload any type of document requiring review and signature. All standard formats are no problem, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, videos etc.

Access It

Once your documents are stored in Folder.ie you can access them from anywhere using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can leave your big paper folder in the office and access your toolbox videos, PDF safety documents, SOPs, safety manuals or employee handbooks through Folder.ie from anywhere at anytime.

Distribute It

You don’t need to print a document ever again or waste time chasing signatures. Share a copy of any document with a member of staff, contractor or customer by sending a unique document link to review and sign. You can even create your own contact groups and with one click, send a unique document link to each person in that group. Your contacts can click to review and sign the document directly on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer straight from Folder.ie.

Sign It

With Folder.ie, there is no need to waste time printing documents or chasing people for signatures. Folder.ie does all of that for you. Simply send a copy to a contact or group and wait for the signed copies to come back. 

You can email or text your contacts a link through Folder.ie and they can use any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to review and sign the document.

Track It

You can see in real time who has not yet signed a copy.  Red and green indicators will give you a real-time status on a per document or folder basis. If the indicator is red you know you are still waiting for someone to sign. 

If you need a paper copy, no problem. Just print the document and signature sheet directly from Folder.ie.

Love It

No more worries about a visit from an auditor or inspector as you have all your documents and signatures neatly stored and backed up. 

Your compliance managed in an easy paperless way, while still in full control of all your paperwork. 

You can still print any document stored on Folder.ie but over time you will be printing less and less and save a lot of trees and paperwork.

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